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2015 First Quarter Taxes Due February 1st

2015 First Quarter Taxes are due on February 1st.  The last day of grace period for First Quarter Taxes will be Tuesday, February 10th.  Payments made after that date will be subject to interest from February 1st.  Payments are accepted by mail or in person during regular business hours.  You may also drop your payment in the mail slot located on the front door of the Municipal Building.  Please click here for any other questions regarding property taxes.

Snow Procedures

When snow is expected, please make every attempt to park your vehicle in a driveway.

If you must park in the street, use the odd-even system to facilitate snowplowing.  On odd numbered days, park on the odd numbered side of the street.  On even numbered days, park on the even numbered side of the street.  

Please clear your sidewalks within 12 hours of snow fall as per ordinance #56-33.
Failure to remove will result in fines.  Please be kind to the welfare of your neighbors.

If possible, wait until the borough plows have passed before shoveling your driveway.

A message from the Wenonah Volunteer Fire Company:

Be prepared for the storm:
1) pre-fuel and run your snow blowers and generators 
2) don't forget odd/even parking so the plows can get through
3) if you live near fire a hydrant remember to clear the area around the hydrant when clearing your sidewalks
4) Don't forget to check on your neighbors that might need some assistance

Friends of the Park Seek Volunteers

Happy New Year to all - time to reach out and see what level of volunteers we can obtain to help out with the Park Project.

 As most know we have conducted a number of meetings in 2013-14 and have reached the stage of gauging volunteer fundraising interest.

 The following openings in a Fundraising Committee are available to volunteers whose talents may align with our needs:
Public donation, flyer development and distributionWeb page, internet assistance and press contacts
Donation recording and coordination with Borough Clerk - Budget oversight
Public speaking to groups soliciting donations
Corporate sponsor solicitation
Coordination of park related fundraising options: pavers, family memorial trees or benches, etc.
(Building Committee already formed)

 Some of these activities may be condensed depending on the level of volunteer support.  Other tasks may be added as needed.

Based on the number of volunteers responding with interest - it will be a forecast as to the future of a bandstand/public structure in the Park.

 Should there be sufficient interest expressed between now and Feb 1st - a meeting will be set up thereafter. Otherwise we will table this project for some future time.

 Please send your name, phone # and volunteer interest to me by email.


Gary Odenbrett
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An Inspirational Life. Longtime Mayor, Jack Sheppard, Sr.

Jack Sheppard Sr.jpg
Jack C. Sheppard Sr., longtime mayor of Wenonah, died Jan. 1. (Submitted photo)


Jack’s contributions to our Borough are immeasurable. For many of us who grew up in Wenonah, his service to our community left a lasting impression.  Jack was the embodiment of Wenonah for my generation.   His passion and dedication was truly without bounds and unquestionably inspired so many of us to follow him into public service.  Our Borough’s immense pride and sense of community belies our small size, with many of our residents volunteering to serve with our various civic organizations (including our 100% volunteer Mayor and Council).  Jack’s advocacy for “all things Wenonah” inspired so many of us, and without question, fostered and strengthened the Wenonah community.  This is Jack’s legacy. 

John R. Dominy

Mayor, Borough of Wenonah

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