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Come on out Saturday, September 22nd to the Wenonah Firehouse to get your Chicken Dinner! 

Tickets are $12 and you can dine in or take out. (We do offer free delivery to Wenonah Residents)

Meals include: 1/2 chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob, baked beans, and cookies

Need tickets? Get them before they sell out! (Here are a few ways)

1) Contact a local firefighter if you need tickets

2) Call the Firehouse (468-5151) and leave a detailed voicemail with your Name, Number, and number of tickets. 

We'll contact you to confirm the tickets and drop them off to you prior to the event!

Arrive early the day of the event and purchase your ticket early.  A ticket guarantees a dinner even if you do not come back until closer to the end to pick up the meal. 

We thank you, as always, for supporting your 100% Volunteer Fire Company. We love to serve this great community and we love to see all the familiar faces at the station for this event

Disclaimer:  We cannot be held responsible for any damages to your phone caused by this post, as it may cause excessive drooling.