The Mantua Avenue Street Lamps

I am in contact with representative of Atlantic City Electric (ACE) regarding our street lamps along Mantua Avenue. ACE owns the lamp posts and are solely responsible for their installation, maintenance, and service. My complaints are many. The following is a summary of the issues I have discussed with ACE.

Non-working lamp posts – Seven lamps are not working. Some of them have never worked since the time they were installed. ACE indicated that they are aware of this and will be in town to investigate this issue during the week of November 12th.

1.  Brightness – ACE ordered twelve new lower wattage LED lamps for a trial, so we can determine whether this will address the intensity of the lamps. To date, only eight have been delivered. These eight will be installed during the week of November 12th as well.

2.  Safety concerns – ACE draped four poles with red “danger” tape. I was informed that the poles do not present any danger to the public. However, there is a ground junction box with a broken cover in the park. An orange safety cone has been placed over it until the cover can be replaced by ACE.

3.  Flashing lights – Three lights are cycling on and off in the center of town. ACE offered no explanation and provided no timeframe for this problem to be resolved. In the meantime, I requested that those three lights be turned off, if possible, until such time they can be repaired.

If any resident wishes to contact ACE regarding these issues or any service related matter, the phone number to their customer service is 1-800-642-3780.
For emergencies, call 1-800-833-7476. ACE can also be contact via social media (Facebook and Twitter). To report a street light that is out, visit and enter the pole’s number.
Information is also available on ACE’s website:

---- John R. Dominy, Mayor