Rain! That’s what’s on our minds for most of the past year. The yards and plants love all this rain, but it’s had a major impact on the Borough. From the muddy conditions on the trails to soggy playgrounds at the lake, and constantly clogged storm drains, it’s a daily challenge to keep even with all the rain. The Borough’s sewer bills have doubled in the past year – a lot of this rainwater is leaching into our sewer system contributing to the recent spike in fees charged by the Gloucester County Municipal Authority. Please help by keeping your gutters clear as much as possible and keep debris away from storm drains (dispose of yard waste, leaves and trash if it’s not organic material).

All this lush grass and foliage is a great reason to enjoy our outdoor areas. Take a walk on the trails or enjoy the park. The Lake swimming season opens this weekend and memberships are available to enjoy the Lake. Want to host a large group of family and friends at the park, lake, or teahouse? Check with the Borough office for more information.