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Many of our residents, especially those that are high risk, have opted to remain home and limit their outside exposure. We’ve had other residents inquire how they can reach out and help those not leaving home, such as assisting with shopping or other errands. To help bring the two together, we set up an email and phone number so that our residents can either request assistance or offer to help.

If you wish to help or need assistance, you can reach out as follows:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Text and voicemail: (609) 961-1454

The State of New Jersey also has a state-wide registry for those with special needs called “Register Ready – New Jersey’s Special Needs Registry for Disasters.” To access this program, visit the link https://www13.state.nj.us/SpecialNeeds/Signin?ReturnUrl=%2fSpecialNeeds%2f.

Wenonah’s Office of Emergency Management will be participating in daily status conferences for the foreseeable future. We’ll pass along any new important information regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus as it develops.

Be sure to check on your neighbors and look out for one another. We’ll continue to manage this together.

Mayor John Dominy

 coronavirus graphic web feature

As we all face the challenges and uncertainly of COVID-19 in the coming weeks, let us be safe and follow the instructions of our various national, state, and local health agencies. Wash your hands, take precautions as warranted, and limit your contact if you are vulnerable or have underlying health issues. Borough offices will continue to be open to serve the public as long as doing so is safe.

Wenonah is more than just a town, we are truly a community.
We take care of our neighbors. As we have done in the past during crises, we encourage everyone to assist those in our community who may be vulnerable and, more importantly, look out for one another. This is a very dynamic situation with many moving parts. We’ll pass along information that we may receive on our Borough web page and through our other communications channels. We can all manage this together.


For most Wenonah residents – about 93% of households – their water and sewer utility service is provided by Wenonah. Water is provided through our system of wells, pumps, pipes and meters. The Gloucester County Municipal Utilities Authority (GCMUA) bills the Borough for treating the wastewater from the Borough.

Water usage continues to decrease slightly each year, which is terrific since we have limits on the amount of water we can remove from the aquifer each year. However, our costs to maintain the pumps, tank, wells, pipes and meters continues to increase. Rates for water have not increased since 2015, and the sewer charge did not increase from 2008 to 2017. Conversely, last year our charges for GCMUA were double what they had been the prior year.

Your Water and Sewer billing schedule for 2020:

Due April 1: Your Water bill. You will receive the bill in March, and it will include a $230.00 charge for overall system maintenance, plus a charge for the gallons of water your household used in 2019.

Due October 1: Your Sewer bill. Each household will be billed $520.00

What to expect in 2021:

Water and Sewer bills will go to a quarterly billing system. Your flat rate for water will be due January 31. Your Water usage bill for the gallons used by your household in 2020 will be due April 1. The first half of your Sewer bill will be due July 1, and the second half of your Sewer bill will be due October 1.

How much will your Water bill be for 2020? The total bill depends on your usage. For an average usage of 62,000 gallons annually, this year’s Water bill would be about $479.00. As a comparison, the annual charge since 2015 would have been about $332.00. While most utilities like gas and electricity have steady increases each year, our Water and Sewer utility has historically kept rates steady for several years before implementing an increase.

dog collar and tags

2020 Dog and cat licenses are now due.  The pet licensing period is from January 1st and extended to April 30th.  License is $7.00 for a neutered/spayed pet and $12.00 for an unaltered pet.  Proof of rabies is required to obtain a valid license for 2020.  If you are unsure if we have your most up to date rabies information, you may call us at 856-468-5228.  After April 30th, a $10.00 penalty will be applied to each license.  Penalty will be waived for a newly registered pet acquired after April 30th, 2020.

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