Join us in the beautiful Wenonah Park in the center of town this Thursday Oct. 27 from 3-5 PM for a #CoffeeWithaCop event …

Nothing fancy (although there will be a horse from the NJSP with us!), just a few of us at a table ready for some conversations and with some goodies to give out.

Bring your kids too; we love meeting them (If they want to test out their costumes we won’t mind)! Prior to COVID our plan was to hold a few of these per year.

However, just like you, plans changed and we are trying to get back into the swing of things! It’s a great opportunity for conversations with your

police department when we are not taking enforcement action or responding to a call. We look forward to seeing you soon! A date in Mantua

will be set up in the near future too before it gets freezing out!