Water Tower Rehabilitation Project Updates
  • Work continues on the water tower.  Cleaning both the inside and outside is expected to be completed in mid-December.
  • Water for residents is now on a temporary supply system with less capacity than the water tank.  Please refrain from watering lawns so we have enough water and pressure for household usage.
  • For your own safety, please stay away from the scaffolding area around the water tower.
Tornado Recovery
  • Stumps from tornado damage are being removed from the clear zones in the impacted areas, with repairs to the sidewalks and curbs following up right away.
  • Removal of stumps in the park will begin in the next few weeks.  Please avoid the park due to uneven pavement, debris, and occasional heavy equipment.
  • Replacing trees in both clear zones and the park will not begin until stumps are removed and funding from FEMA and other sources is finalized. This is expected to be spring at the earliest, but most likely next fall.
  • The Shade Tree Commission asks that residents refrain from planting any trees in the clear zone or on other Borough property such as the park. There are safety concerns including potential damage to water, sewer and gas lines as the tree matures, along with inappropriate species selection where that tree is not a good fit for that location.
  • If you are interested in making a donation to the Wenonah Planting Fund to help support our efforts to re-plant, please visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/wenonah-planting-fund?qid=bd79bf0fa70a7ff3d934938a5858a324.

Questions or want more information? Please contact the Borough 856.468.5228.