At the May 25th public meeting, Borough Council adopted Ordinance 2023-7 and Ordinance 2023-8 which changed the billing structure and rates for upcoming water and sewer bills.

Residents have already been billed their flat water payment for 2023 (which was due January 31st) and their actual water usage bill for their prior year’s usage (which was due May 16th).

You will receive three (3) more bills for water and sewer in 2023 beginning in July. For these three utility bills, residents will be billed as follows: $200 flat fee for sewer plus your actual household water usage for the prior three months, billed at the 2023 rates per 1,000 gallons.

This new billing structure will provide a clearer way for residents to understand their water usage and plan for payments, and allow for any issues to be addressed in a timelier manner.

Please see the chart below for the utility billing structure for the remainder of 2023:


















Residents can expect to receive their 2nd quarter utility bills via postcard in mid-July.