What Does the Wenonah Clerk Do? In case you wondered:

  • In New Jersey, the Municipal Clerk occupies one of the most important and exacting positions in Municipal Government.

The Core Duties of the Wenonah Municipal Clerk include:

  • Serve as Secretary to the Governing Body, the Wenonah Borough Council.
  • Prepare and File – Agendas, Minutes, Resolutions and Ordinances. 
  • Vital Statistics – Birth and Death Certificates, Marriage Licenses
  • Records Management – Records retention, storage and destruction, as well as day to day availability and preservation.
  • OPRA- (Open Public Records Act).
    Requests are completed through the Office of the Municipal Clerk
  • Chief Administrator of Elections – Provide voter registration and oversee the Municipal, School, and/or Primary elections.  All residents vote at the Wenonah Municipal Building.
  • Permits and Licenses – Fall into this service
  • Landlord Registration.  To be an authorized landlord in in the Borough of Wenonah, individuals must register with the Municipal Clerk.

In addition, the Wenonah office also doubles as the Borough Administrator’s office.

Core Duties of the Wenonah Borough Administrator

  • Submit to the Governing Body, prior to the start of the next fiscal year, a proposed budget of receipts and expenditures with an explanatory budget message
  • Carry out the directives of the Governing Body.
  • Interact with the Borough Insurance Company regarding all reports of injuries, pending and active litigation.  
  • Serve as the Purchasing Agent for the Borough.
  • Carry out daily decision for the good of the Borough.
  • Receive resident compliments, comments, or complaints and forward to the Mayor or appropriate Committee chair.
  • Attend meetings and conventions on behalf of the Borough.