At the May 25th public meeting, Borough Council adopted Ordinance 2023-7 and Ordinance 2023-8 which changed the billing structure for water and sewer bills.
Starting in 2024, residents will receive four (4) quarterly bills that will consist of the following charges on each bill: $150 flat fee for sewer, $125 flat fee for water (includes 6,000 gallons of actual usage each quarter), plus actual household water usage over 6,000 gallons for the prior three months, billed at the 2024 rates.**
Please see the table below for the utility billing structure for 2024:
**  Please see the table below for the quarterly charges per thousand gallons that residents will be billed for:


SENIORS AND DISABLED PERSONS:  Eligible seniors and disabled persons will be charged a reduced water flat fee rate of $100 per quarter (includes 6,000 gallons of usage).  To qualify,  residents must meet the eligibility requirements as defined under the provisions of N.J.S.A.54:4-8.40 et. seq.. Seniors and disabled persons will need to complete Form PTD and then file it with the municipal tax assessor or collector.  These forms are available at the borough office and online at