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Across our Borough, basketball hoops have sprouted in our streets. Without question, it is wonderful that in the age of cell phones and computer gaming that our children are outside and engaged in physical activity. However, we have recently received complaints from residents over the safety hazard that these nets pose. Some of these basketball assemblies are substantial, jutting out as far as parked vehicles, with backboards and rims dangling over the street at a height of ten (10) feet (or lower). At that height, the nets are low enough to impact fire trucks, trash trucks, and/or delivery vehicles. Moreover, the supports to these nets are often black and without reflectors, making them very difficult to see, especially at night.

Now that this has been brought to our attention, not only can’t the Borough ignore the safety hazard that these nets present to vehicles, the Borough also cannot tacitly endorse nor encourage our children to play in the street. It is hard to imagine setting up a swing-set or sandbox in the street for our children to use. Basketball nets are no different. There are basketball hoops readily available at the ball field, the lake, and the school. All are better options than dodging moving vehicles while hustling to rebound your friends failed jump shot.

In light of the above, the Borough can no longer continue to look the other way. We are asking residents to remove these from our streets. They belong in a driveway, not the road.

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Weekly Update

Changes to Plastic Recycling starting September 1st!  Please see the insert in your tax bill for more information on the switch to accepting only plastics marked as #1 (soda bottles, water bottles, etc) and #2 (milk jugs, detergent bottles, etc).

While we all want to recycle as much as possible, when plastic items other than these two types of plastic are in the recycling bin they CONTAMINATE the load of recycling. Contaminated loads can be rejected, meaning they will not be recycled.  There's no change in the collection of clean paper, glass, and aluminum.

Look for more information and reminders in the next few weeks on www.boroughofwenonah.com.

Taxes Due

Tax bills will be going out in the mail at the end of the week, payments are due on or before Monday, 8/26/19 if you do not receive a bill by the end of next week August 9th please call the office and we will mail a new out to you. You can go on to our website and look up tax/utility information and for a fee you can make a payment.


As of this morning, we have approximately 52 homes in the Borough without power. Atlantic City Electric (ACE) is aware of this Outage and crews will be responding. ACE expects to have power restored by early afternoon. Please report any outage directly to ACE at:

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