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Update on the Mantua Creek fuel spill (12/14/18).  

Dozens of personnel from Miller Environmental are working along the Mantua Creek. The work crews have been focusing on recovering emulsified fuel product found on numerous natural collection points (snags, downed trees, turns). Crews are also continuing to recover product from several absorbent boons that have been placed along the creek from Rt. 55 in Deptford Twp. down to 1st Venue in West Deptford Twp. Vacuum trucks are being used to recover product that is accessible from a roadway. However, much of the recovery effort involves crews entering the water in remote locations. The work is tedious and involved. 

The assessment of the impact of wildlife along the watershed is continuing today. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) remains actively involved. Our lines of communication extend to Trenton – we’ve made it clear that this spill must be remediated as quickly as possible.

How did this happen?  A tanker truck was involved in an accident last Wednesday, December 5th. This accident resulted in a fuel leak. Some fuel found its way into a drain that led to the Mantua Creek. This drain was hidden under vegetation and was not immediately discovered. 

How much fuel spilled into the Creek? It is unknown how much fuel product entered the creek. The tanker truck was missing several thousand gallons, but some of this was contained on-site, while some unknown quantity found its way to the creek.

How long will the clean-up last? There is no end date set for the clean-up. Crews will remain until the work is completed. We are unaware of how long this may be. Portions of the creek are remote, but crews are making progress and working their way down stream.  


What about our lakes?  Only the Mantua Creek is impacted. Our lakes are not affected. The various streams and tributaries feeding the creek are also not affected.


How can I help? We ask residents to not interfere with the work crews. They have the necessary training and equipment and are systematically addressing the remediation effort. However, if you do see any wildlife that has been oiled or appears to be in distress, please report it the Wenonah OEM. I am sure we will need help down the line. Once we do, we'll send out the word.

What precautions should I take? The odor remains strong along portions of the creek. It is advisable for people and pets to avoid contact with the water until further notice. 

This spill not only impacted Wenonah, but also Deptford, Mantua Township, West Deptford, and others along the creek as it finds its way to the Delaware River. Officials from the affected communities along with the County and State have been engaged throughout this event, including our local and county Offices of Emergency Management (OEM).


The Mantua Creek watershed is a shared treasure for all of these communities. This event is truly heartbreaking for all of us. Any questions, please contact OEM at wenonahemergencymanagement@gmail.com.


John R. Dominy, Mayor

Clean-up efforts are continuing along the Mantua Creek following last weeks fuel spill.  The creek has been surveyed and locations where the fuel product has gathered have been identified. Crews are in the process of cleaning these areas and will access even the more remote areas along the creek. Officials are still assessing the impact of the spill on both the environment and wildlife and will continue to do so throughout the remediation effort. The odor along the creek remains strong and people and their pets should continue to avoid the water.  The clean-up will be tedious work. Crews will remain along the creek for some time. We are asking that folks not interfere with their efforts - let them do their jobs. If residents have questions or information, please reach out to wenonahemergencymanagement@gmail.com

We are meeting with the DEP and others tomorrow and should have more info about the clean up effort and the impact of the spill at that time.

Mayor Dominy

Update on fuel spill...Borough Office of Emergency Management has been out with DEP and cleanup contractors working to remediate the spill on Mantua Creek. Booms are being placed at strategic locations including Mantua Ave. Residents should be aware of the odor and oil sheen on the creek. Any questions please contact OEM at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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