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Please click here to view a pie chart of 2016 Wenonah Tax Levies

Residents who wish to either trim or remove any "street tree" must contact Gary Odenbrett of the Shade Tree Commission @ 468-2627 in order to receive a "no cost" permit. This policy protects not only the interests of the borough, but also the residents, as a copy of the contractor's insurance is required upon commencing work. Contractors will be required to remove any tree debris from the "clear zone".


The Borough of Wenonah has received the donation of two new town entry signs from the Odenbrett family of North West Avenue. Town residents since 1985 the Odenbrett’s like so many families have shared the natural beauty of our parks, trails and lakes while raising a family. Since the old signs were worn and broken it was time for an update. The Odenbrett’s financial contribution to the Gateway High School Tech Ed Department enabled local teachers and students to create the signs and incorporate the blue heron designs. Staining, painting and sealing were a combined effort of Gary along with artist neighbor Beth Shinn who hand painted and highlighted the heron scenes. New signs will be placed at their former locations across from Wenonah Lake on W. Maple and W. Mantua Aves close to the trailhead.   

Repair Leaking Faucets!  Every Drop Counts!

The Borough's Water Restrictions will be observed by an odd/even watering schedule, using your house number.  Odd house numbers water on odd numbered days, even house numbers water on even numbered days.  Watering permitted from 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM only.  Outside watering on the 31st is prohibited.

Exceptions:  Adult attended child recreational sprinklers, new sod and newly purchased landscaping products.  

Hoses should have an automated shut off device to avoid constant flow of free-running water.


Resolution #R-2016-40 Adopted at a Council Meeting of the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Wenonah held on March 24, 2016 and will be in effect through December 31, 2016.

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