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Beginning the week of February 1st and ending on March 29th, bulk branches and yard waste will be collected on a continuous rotating basis throughout the Borough.  These dates are dependent upon the weather, Public Works schedule and in-town emergencies.

·         Please DO NOT put branches or yard waste in bags or containers during the bulk branch and yard waste collection period.

·         Please place branches and yard waste in the street, far enough from the curb line, to allow water to flow past the storm water catch basins.

·         Branches and yard waste should be placed a minimum of 10 feet from all storm water catch basins.

·         Please DO NOT place branches and yard waste near parked cars.  Adequate space is required for Borough large branch and yard waste removal equipment.

·         DO NOT mix in trash with branches and yard waste.  If those items are mixed in, they can not be collected. 

First Quarter 2021 Property Tax Payment is due on or before February 10th 2021, without penalty.

Flat Rate Water Payment is due on or before February 10th 2021, without penalty.

If you have not received you 2021 Borough of Wenonah Community Calendar in the mail, please pick one up at the Municipal Building


Please remember plastic bags are not permitted in your recycle cart.


As many residents are aware, in the early morning of January 1, 2021, the Snack Bar at Langston Field on the corner of S. Clinton and E. Cedar caught fire. The volunteers of the Wenonah Fire Company responded quickly and extinguished the fire, however, the snack bar suffered extensive damage. The roof and all contents within the building were destroyed. An investigation concluded that the blaze was likely started when one or more individuals discarded used fireworks into the Borough trash cans located next to the back door of the building. The spent fireworks were still hot or contained embers that ignited the contents of the trash cans as well as the plastic trash cans themselves. This fire, in turn, extended into the building through the eves. The building was insured by the Borough and clean up and reconstruction has already begun.

This fire was completely avoidable and was the result of the careless and reckless use of fireworks at the ball field. In addition to costing the Borough a $1,000 deductible (paid by the taxpayers), the fireworks and subsequent building fire needlessly put the safety of the public and responding firefighters at risk.

Residents have asked me what they can do to help. The Borough cannot directly accept donations towards any cost of repair. One suggestion that I offer is for folks to make donations to the Wenonah Athletic Association to help defray the cost of replacing any items that the Association lost and to help them outfit the snack bar so that it can be quickly returned to service.

This is certainly not the way any of us wanted to “ring in the New Year.” Let us work together to do better by our community. 

Stay safe and be well.

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