Dear Wenonah Residents,

Day 3. Clean up continues. We are making significant progress. However, it is critical to stay clear of crews. Do not drive on streets where work is occurring. I understand this may be an inconvenience but traffic and pedestrians are impeding our clean-up effort. Please keep clear and let our crews do their jobs.

We are still gathering damage assessments. Please take a moment to report any damages to Members of our OEM team have been throughout the Borough taking assessments and gathering data. It’s important for us to gather this information but we need your assistance.

A big “thank you” from our public works crew on behalf of all our partners working in town. All of you have show kindness and gratitude for their efforts. This makes their long day worth it.

Our primary goal remains to clear our roads so ACE can restore power, especially the hardest hit areas. Although we are removing a lot of debris, there will be so much more to remove in the coming weeks.

Our volunteer civic organization have set up at the Library to receive donations and assist those in need.

The outpouring of care and willingness to help is just incredible. Continue the good work Wenonah. So many of us suffered serious property damage. After seeing the destructive power of the tornado (reported as an EF3), I am amazed and thankful that we have no reports of injuries, let alone fatalities. In this regard, we are fortunate.

Mayor John R. Dominy