Dear Wenonah Residents,
Day 4. Another busy day. All roads have been cleared of debris and are passable. Maple remains closed due to the restoration of the power lines. Some side streets may be temporary closed as well. ACE has been working at a feverish pace. More homes should come online tonight.
However, I’ve just been informed that approximately 36 homes won’t be completed by midnight. Please check directly with ACE for any updates.
Road crews will continue to clear debris, but there will be fewer teams tomorrow and likely everyone will take a break on Monday.
I met with FEMA today. We briefly toured the Southwest quadrant. Unfortunately, most of our streets in the Northeastern were blocked due to the ongoing work. The Borough will post information from FEMA as it becomes available.
The generosity and selflessness of our community has been phenomenal. We will recover.
Mayor John R. Dominy