Dear Wenonah Residents,

We all woke to the realization of just how extensive our town was damaged last evening. My heart breaks for Wenonah.

We are receiving assistance from the County, State, and neighboring municipalities. Our first priority is to clear and open our roads. This will allow Atlantic City Electric to make necessary repairs to restore power. This will take more than just today.

Atlantic City Electric (ACE) has established a command post and has started to cut down wires and clear wires from trees. I have been assured that power will be restored today (for some) and tomorrow (for most).

We are aware of ongoing cellular issues and are in contact with the major carriers to address this.

Due to safety concerns, trash pickup on Friday 9/3 will be suspended. I know this is a hardship but it’s just not safe for our hauler. We’ll provide updates as soon they become available.

We are continuing to assess damage. Please let us know what damage you have received by email:

If you need medical assistance or have an emergency please call 911. If you smell gas, or see arching wires, please call 911 as well.

Avoid downed wires; assume they are live. Exercise caution with down trees as many are unstable. Many areas of town have scattered debris that include glass, nails, and jagged metals. Please be careful as you remove debris.

We will continue to shut down sections of roads as we clear the streets. Please stay off the roads unless travel is necessary. We are experiencing a lot traffic as people come to town to see the damage.

Please – take care of your neighbors and talk to the those that live on your street. Let’s take care of one another, especially those that have been hardest hit.

We are working together to get through this. I’ll post more later today.

Mayor John R. Dominy