Dear Wenonah Residents,

Day 5:  Our roads have been cleared and are now passable. Atlantic City Electric has completely restored power to the Borough. However, there are few homes still without power due to various issues (parts, materials, inspections). The tasked performed by the Utility crews was enormous. Block after block of destroyed poles, transformers, and downed wires. Work was performed nonstop since Wednesday night. Crews were called in from as far as Virginia to Canada.

We will now focus on debris removal. Although a lot has been removed, the sheer amount of debris that remains is considerable. This includes not only fallen trees, but also materials from buildings and structures. We have four large dumpsters at located at the Park for disposal. They are full now, but will be replaced with empty containers in the morning.  We filled approximately 20 containers today. Remember, no appliances, air conditioners, or electronics. Hold onto those, we can pick them up later. And please don’t over fill the dumpsters. Tomorrow will be a down day for debris removal but crews will be at it again on Tuesday.

If you hire a private tree services to remove trees, they are responsible for removing the debris. We will clear out whatever the homeowner can haul to the curb on their own. Need help? Please reach out to the Wenonah Woman’s Club. They have set up a volunteer help center at the Library. Don’t hesitate to ask – your neighbors are fantastic – they want to help.

Please stay out of the Park. We have a lot of hanging branches. We will begin cleaning out the Park in the coming week. It will look different than before, like much of Wenonah. Also, a portion of our woods has been utterly destroyed. As a result, the Mantua Creek trail is impassable between the Trestle and Clay Hill. I hope to have a better assessment soon. In the meantime, it is best to steer clear.

It has been frustrating seeing so many companies solicit business following the tornado. All businesses must register with Borough Hall before they engage in any solicitation. If anyone comes to your door or hands you a card or flyer, ask them whether they are registered. This includes tree trimmers, board-up services, roofers, contractors, and public adjusters. Be careful of predatory practices, pressure tactics, and price gouging.

Let us not forget that some in our community have been displaced by this event. We’ll need to stay together as a community until we all are back in our homes.

We WILL recover. We ARE recovering, Keep at it Wenonah.

Mayor John R. Dominy