Dear Wenonah Residents,

Day 7: The County brought some heavy machinery today and removed a lot of debris. NJDOT and State Forestry crews were also in town. Our very own Wenonah Public Works has been working non-stop. Give them a holler when you see them out and about.

Also, Chief Tim Nessler and the men and women of the our volunteer fire company have staffed the Fire House without a break for the past week. Their dedication knows no bounds.

Crews will be at it again tomorrow. We are addressing hanging and broken branches throughout the town. We will need to do the same in the Wenonah Park. Once we do, we can begin to clean it up. Until then, please stay out for your safety.

Be sure to check the Borough webpage for information regarding FEMA and other available resources.

Please be aware that we will have regular household trash pick up this Friday. You might try to gather your cans in groups along one side of the street to make it easer for the trash trucks to collect among the branches and help keep the roads clear. Please do NOT deposit regular household trash in the dumpsters.

Rain is in the forecast again tomorrow. Button up those tarps. However, it looks like later this week we will a run of good weather, which will certainly help all of us with the clean-up and restoration.

In the meantime, let’s stick together as one Wenonah family. We aren’t finished until everyone is back home.

Mayor John R. Dominy