STREET:  Lenape Trail **

FROM:  Mohawk Drive

TO: Mohawk Drive


  • Water main connections and removal of old fire hydrants has been completed.
  • Replacement of select driveway aprons and installation of ADA ramps is about 60% complete.
  • Roadway paving operations anticipated to begin on Friday, October 14th beginning at the easterly intersection with Mohawk Drive.
  • Installation of new force main to begin on Monday, October 17th, beginning at the driveway to the Lenape Trail Pump Station and extending to Mantua Avenue.

STREET:  Mohawk Drive
FROM:  Lenape Trail
TO: Woodbury-Glassboro Rd

  • Paving not scheduled within next two weeks

STREET:  East Poplar Street
FROM:  Clinton Avenue
TO: Princeton Avenue

  • Roadway paving is complete.
  • Concrete gutter remains to be installed at Marion Avenue.
  • Cleanup and punchlist remains.

STREET:  Monroe Avenue
FROM:  Poplar Street
TO: Mantua Ave.

  • Roadway paving is complete.
  • Cleanup and punchlist remain.


** Temporary road closures can be expected during paving operations.

The Contractor will be delivering notices to each resident in advance of paving. We ask that you please adhere to the instructions regarding the relocation of your vehicles to avoid conflict with the roadway paving work.

In addition, we ask that you refrain from driving on the newly paved roadways until the Contractor removes all barricades and opens the roadways to vehicular traffic.

The Contractor will attempt to limit your inconvenience to the greatest extent possible and we ask that you be mindful of the proposed construction and safety of the construction workers.