As a result of the devastating impact of Storm Ida Governor Murphy declared a state of emergency for portions of the state including the Borough of Wenonah.

Please keep in mind that price gouging is illegal during a state of emergency or for 30 days following the termination of the state of emergency. Price gouging is a price increase that is 10% higher than the prices prior to the emergency. New Jersey strictly governs the business practices of contractors. Be sure to get multiple estimates from different providers, request proof of insurance, ask for references, and get a copy of the service contractor’s or provider’s business license filed with the State. 

Finally, for companies to solicit for business in Wenonah, they must first apply for and be issued a permit. To date, NO contractors or service providers have been issued a permit to solicit business in the Borough.  

Consumers who believe that businesses have unfairly increased their prices are encouraged to file a complaint online or call 973-504-6240. Consumers should leave their name, contact information, nature of the complaint and the name and address of the business. Complaints and will be checked regularly, even when state offices are closed. File a complaint at, call 973-504-6240, or email A PDF of the paper copy is also available. 

The entirety of the State is aware of what befell Wenonah, including the Attorney General’s office. These complaints will be investigated.