This notice pertains only to Borough residents who reside on the following streets:

            • East and West Mantua Ave
            • West Cherry Street
            • North Lincoln Ave
            • North Monroe Ave
            • North Clinton Ave
            • North West Ave
            • East Pine Street
            • East Poplar Street
            • East Cedar Street
            • East Maple Street
            • South Princeton Ave
            • Lenape Trail
            • Seneca Drive
            • Mohawk Drive
            • Glassboro Road

Improvements to the Borough sewer lines for the aforementioned streets started on June 26th and will continue for several weeks.  Arold Construction is rehabilitating the sanitary sewer pipe system throughout the Borough. Improvements will include the cleaning, inspection and repairs to sanitary sewer lines.  

Prior to the sewer work being done on your respective street, you will receive 24 hour notice from Arold Construction.   The following is an example of the letter you will receive from Arold.  It will be hand delivered to each resident’s home when the appropriate time comes for the work to be done on your street.



In the event that you experience a lingering odor after the sewer repair work has been completed, you can remedy the situation by adding dish soap and letting the water run for several minutes to any of your household fixtures that have a j-pipe.  This includes your bathroom and kitchen sinks, utility sinks, bathtubs and toilets.

Please share this information with any of your neighbors who may not be on social media.

If you have further questions or concerns, please contact the Borough of Wenonah Department of Public Works at 856-468-5300.










Please plan ahead for potential traffic impact and delays.  

If you have any questions, please contact Borough of Wenonah Public Works Department at (856) 468-5300.