The Borough awarded a construction contract entitled the 2023 Borough of Wenonah Infrastructure Improvement Project to Earle Asphalt Company.  Listed below is the construction project update for July 10, 2023:

N. Clinton Ave Poplar Maple Complete water main construction and replacement of existing water services. 
*N. Clinton Ave Elm Maple Replacement of existing curbs and driveway aprons and construction of ADA ramps (to begin July 20th ±)
**N. Jefferson  Ave    Mantua  Ave Buttonwood Installation of  storm sewer improvements, north of Buttonwood Street (to begin July 13th ±)

Replacement of select water services, i.e. non-copper.

**Maple Street Princeton Synnott Replacement of existing storm sewers at Synnott Avenue (to begin July 17th ±) 


* We remind you that if you reside on a roadway that is scheduled for curb replacement, you are advised that proposed construction will entail disturbance to the Borough’s Right of Way, which is typically sixteen (16) feet perpendicular to the curbline. Should any privately owned improvements be located within the Borough’s Right of Way, i.e. sprinkler systems and/or landscaping improvements, etc. these items will be removed by the Contractor if found to be in conflict with the proposed construction and the responsibility for their repair and/or replacement shall lie solely upon the property owner and NOT the Contractor.

The Contractor will be delivering notices to each resident in advance of concrete curb and driveway replacement in N. Clinton Avenue. We ask that you please adhere to the instructions regarding the relocation of your vehicles to avoid interference with the Contractor’s work.

** Temporary road closures/detours can be expected during Installation of Storm Sewer Improvements and replacement of existing Concrete Curbs and Driveway Aprons. Therefore, we ask that you pay close attention to the posted construction signage and be prepared to use alternate routes to avoid conflict with construction activities.

The Contractor will attempt to limit your inconvenience to the greatest extent possible and we ask that you be mindful of the proposed construction and safety of the construction workers.