November 2022 Water Meter Replacement FAQs


Why are only some homes having their water meters replaced?

Meters that were purchased from one specific vendor are being replaced. Some of these meters have been failing and the meters are no longer being supported because the vendor went out of business. If your home does not have one of these specific meters, there is no need for replacement.

Is this problem just in Wenonah?

No.  The vendor was a NJ-approved vendor several years ago and several other municipalities, including West Deptford, Woodbury, and East Greenwich, are also replacing the meters they purchased from this specific vendor.

Why is an outside company handling the meter replacements?

Lenagan Plumbing and Heating LLC was contracted to replace the meters so the work can be completed quickly and efficiently and our Public Works crew can focus on the day-to-day work in the Borough. Lenegan is familiar with this issue – as you can see from Lenegan’s website, they are set up to schedule appointments online for both the Wenonah project and the West Deptford project.

Is this project costing taxpayers money?

No. The Borough is managing this project out of surplus funds already bonded for the water tower project, which ended up coming in under budget. That means there is no impact to the Borough’s budget for this work, and there is no direct cost to the homeowner.

We receive multiple bills for water and sewer utilities throughout the year. How do I understand what I am being billed for?

Fixed rate water bills are mailed in January and are due on January 31. This is fixed amount per unit, as structured per Ordinance 2020-4.

Actual usage water bills are mailed in March and due April 1. This is a bill for the prior year’s actual usage.

The first half of your sewer bill is mailed out in June and is due on July 1st. The second half of your sewer bill is mailed in September and is due on October 1st.

If my meter hasn’t been working, does this mean I’ve been overcharged? 

No. In cases where it was detected that the meter failed, your water bill would have been based on prior years’ usage, as per Ordinance 2020-4.  Please refer to information about this process in the June 2022 newsletter. In many cases, the meter was still working properly so your current bill reflected your actual usage. 

My neighbor got a letter, but I didn’t.  Should I still schedule an appointment?

Not all houses have a meter from this particular vendor, so not all houses need to have the meter replaced.  If you didn’t receive a letter from the Borough, please do not schedule a replacement. If you are unsure if you received a letter, please call the Borough to confirm (856-468-5228).

How long do we have to schedule an appointment?

Please schedule as soon as possible so we can complete this project in November.  We appreciate all the residents who have scheduled already!

What if I have additional questions?

Please call the Borough office, 856-468-5228 during business hours.  The office is open Monday-Thursday from 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday evenings from 6-8 pm, and Fridays from 9 am to 1 pm.