Please note the following information on the Water Tower Rehabilitation Project:

  • Site prep work has begun including getting ready to set scaffolding.
  • From October 25th through October 29th, the water tower will be drained.
  • Beginning the week of October 25th, the water tower will be off-line and water service will be switched to a smaller, temporary tank while the water tower is remediated. We expect the water tower to be back online in mid-December.
  • To maintain water pressure for all residents during this time when the main tower is offline, we are requesting you try to conserve water as much as possible. Please refrain from lawn watering or otherwise using excess water. If you must water, please follow the restrictions currently in place under the ordinance. Click here for more details.
  • For your safety, please avoid the areas around the water tank and the temporary water tank during this remediation.