The Borough has recently secured a Lake Lowering Permit from the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife which will allow
the Borough to lower the surface elevation of Wenonah Lake by a total of 2 feet. The reason for the Lake lowering is to facilitate the clearing of debris from
the shorelines of the lake as well as from the Wenonah Lake Dam outfall structure.
The Lake Lowering operation is scheduled to begin on Wednesday October 26th and it is expected that the
Lake will reach its lowered state by Saturday October 29th.
Water levels may remain in a lowered state until the permit expiration date of January 21, 2023, when the
Lake’s surface water elevation must be returned to normal.
During this time period, it is recommended that the local volunteer groups schedule and coordinate work parties for
the removal of debris from the Lake shores. The debris may be stockpiled near the Lakeentrance where the Public Works Department will pick up and dispose.
The Borough is encouraging the volunteer groups to take advantage of the Saturday November 12th Clean Communities Day
to organize their work parties and volunteers. Additional work parties, if found necessary, may also be scheduled for
subsequent dates provided that they occur before January 21, 2023.
Public Works Department shall be responsible for the clearing of debris from the Wenonah Lake Dam outfall structure.
Due to safety concerns, we ask that volunteers not perform any clearing of debris
from the Wenonah Lake outfall structure.
Upon completion of all maintenance activities and debris removal, Wenonah Lake shall be returned to its normal level.
However, under no circumstances shall the lake re-filling date extend beyond January 21, 2023.
If you have any questions, please reach out to Brian Nicholson at 856-468-5300 or bnicholson@boroughofwenonah.com.