All landlords of residential rental dwellings in the State of New Jersey are required to register their rental units.

Per ordinance 47, Rental Premises, of the Code of the Borough of Wenonah: All owners of rental units in the Borough, including those in which there are 3 or fewer units, one of which is occupied by the legal owner shall register their premises annually with the Municipal Clerk’s office.

Existing rentals (new renters or any changes) fill out entire Form (c/o inspection required)

Existing rental properties (only if no renter occupant(s) or any other changes from previous year):

Owners fill out Numbers 1, 2, 3, 8 and 9, on the Landlord Registration Form 2024, sign and return to Borough of Wenonah.

Upon completion please sign, date, and return the form to the Borough Finance Office.

Landlord/Tenant Court may contact the Borough Office, if necessary, to verify registration.

For more information on Landlord Registration Statements, please contact the Borough Office of Wenonah at 856-468-5228